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The Cloquet Area Fire District (CAFD) Board is the legal governing body for the District, much like the Town Board or City Council that governs our communities.  The CAFD Board is currently made up of eight appointed members that represent the citizens we serve.  The number of representatives for each jurisdiction is based on population.  There are currently three representatives from the City of Cloquet, two from Perch Lake Township and one each from the City of Scanlon, Carlton County, and St. Louis County.

The Board operates under enabling legislation from the state of Minnesota, and through a set of District By-Laws.  The Board has a number of roles with them being the liaison to our member communities and the taxpayers that fund our operations, and determining what levels of service the District will provide in the areas of fire suppression, fire prevention, education, rescue, EMS, and any other service offered by the District as some of the biggest.  The Board also sets District policies, hires new employees, monitors the District Budget, conducts performance reviews of the Chief, oversees all District fiscal activity, approves capital planning, ensures District Goals and Objectives are met, and has sole discretion to appoint the Fire Chief.